Drive For Schools

Drive for Schools 2020

The Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk Presents the
2022 DRIVE FOR SCHOOLS Fundraiser!

This year’s event is sponsored entirely by the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk and the grand prize is $25,000 cash! They will also give away five $1,000 cash prizes, plus many additional prizes.

Three years ago, the grand prize winner purchased a ticket from our school!  It can happen again!!

Tickets are on sale between September 14 - October 16.

One book of 6 tickets is $25.  100% of ticket sales goes to the Branciforte Home & School Club.

Drive for Schools tickets

Please be sure to include your contact information including your phone number as we will be filling out the tickets on your behalf.

Drawing will be held October 23, 2022 at 1pm at the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk's Colonnade Stage. Must be 18 years of age to enter.

Questions?  Email Laura Jones, [email protected].
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