love the Skin You're In

Love the Skin You're In
Posted on 09/29/2019
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In our digital age, adolescents are confronted daily with medial idealizations about what it is to be a woman that are limiting and frequently hazardous to their health. This leaves girls at a disadvantage in the journey to become leaders of a better world, a loss that affects all of us.  Love the Skin You’re In is a transformative presentation that leads girls to evaluate their social media lives and how this impacts their self-worth, relationships, future aspirations and community. It is a powerful workshop to inspire girls to value their voices, imaginations and connectedness with each other.

In general, youth walk away with the following:

  • critical engagement with the social construction of masculinity and femininity
  • a reality check on culturally prescribed body image and sexuality stereotypesthe value and practice of positive self-talk
  • the strategy to choose connection over competition with one another
  • a view of their bodies as instruments of fitness and strength rather than ornaments
  • a sense of their role in preventing bullying, most of which is looks-based,
  • sexual and digital citizenry
  • a vision for their role as leaders in the world
  • basic mindfulness skills

We are exceptionally lucky to be able to offer this event!  We are asking every Branciforte girl to consider attending this workshop being held AFTER SCHOOL on FRIDAY, OCTOBER 4th at 3:15pm in the Branciforte Middle School gymnasium. We realize there may be prior commitments to other activities on this day, however, we urge you to consider making this life-changing workshop a priority for your child if at all possible. Thank you for considering this! The presentation will end at 5:00pm, so we recommend that your child bring a snack for the afternoon.

If you have further questions about the presentation, please go to the website for information, or contact Principal O’Brien with questions. Girls from other middle schools may attend for free with a student ID if  space is available.

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