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Spanish at Branciforte Middle School

Spanish Language Arts (TWI) and High School Spanish 1


The Spanish Language Arts program (TWI) at Branciforte is an extension of the Dos Alas Dual Immersion Program at DeLaveaga Elementary School, and offers students the opportunity to continue their study of the Spanish language through literature, grammar and vocabulary, history and culture, technology and enrichment activities.  Students who have not previously been in the dual immersion program may take an assessment to determine their placement.

The Spanish Language Arts classes are part of the exploratory program at B40MS.  The 6th, 7th and 8th grade TWI or Spanish Language Arts courses are academic classes structured around reading, writing, speaking, and understanding Spanish at an advanced level.  All instruction is in Spanish and the classes include two levels of the text El español para nosotros.  The classes focus on reading literature in Spanish, including 3 novels each year, studying and building grammar and vocabulary, learning about the history and culture of the Spanish speaking world and working on technology projects in Spanish.  Throughout the 3 years of the Spanish Language Arts program at B40MS, students go on multiple field trips and the 7th grade class visits their 1st grade buddies at DeLaveaga Elementary School monthly.

Students in the Spanish Language Arts classes and other bilingual students at B40MS work toward receiving the 8th Grade Bilingual Service Award at their 8th grade graduation.  The requirements include proficiency in both English and Spanish and the completion of 15 hours of community service and/or attending cultural events in the Spanish.

Branciforte Middle School also offers a year long Spanish 1 course for 8th graders.  Spanish 1 is a high school level course for students who have never studied Spanish or who have had limited exposure to the language.  The course focuses on reading, writing, and listening comprehension, as well as an emphasis on basic grammar and language structure, vocabulary and understanding and conversing in Spanish.  The course also introduces students to the culture of the Spanish speaking world. altar boardgame1boardgame2boardgame3boardgame4

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