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Welcome to the B40 Bees’ Booster Club!  

Our Mission:

The B40 Bees’ Booster Club is a non-profit parent and community supported organization that has an interest in improving and assisting Branciforte Middle School’s Athletic and Music Programs.

The Booster’s primary focus is fundraising to support these programs and promote school spirit through sports and music.  The Booster’s hope is to produce and environment that inspires students, parents, coaches and their community to create a positive and spirited school atmosphere.  Go BEES!

Our Board:

President: Tara Muccilli
Vice-President, Fundraising: Michelle Busenhart
Secretary: Jolene Kemos
Treasurer: Caitlin McCord
Athletic Director: Dusten Dennis
Music Director: Nick Bianchini
Vice Principal: Amy Spiers


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Upcoming Events:


Get involved:

We are always interested in new ideas and project support. The following are our current project team leaders:

Apparel: Aly Tom
Brochure Production: Nikki & Matt Lawrence
Communications: Zenna Weiss
Concessions: Sonia Tucker
Facilities & Banners: Nick Muccilli
Music Programs Liaisons: Nikki Lawrence
Pancake Breakfast:                                     Jason Nee & John O’Donnell
Social Media: Jolene Kemos
Volunteer Coordination: Lisa Holbert

Ongoing Projects and Fundraising Efforts:

We welcome your support:

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