7th Grade Social Studies

7th Grade Social Studies
Posted on 06/21/2019
 Seventh grade student Mariana

Every year at the end of the 7th grade social studies unit on the Maya, Aztec, and Inca, students are tasked with creating an artifact that represents a contribution made by one of these civilizations.  The students then curate this artifact in a mini-museum that is visited by other classes on campus. The essential question students must research and answer is: What was an important contribution made by the Maya, Aztec, or Inca?  The categories that students choose from include: Art and Architecture, Science and Technology, and Language and Writing. The photo above is of seventh grade student Mariana. This school year was Mariana’s first in the United States.  One of the benefits of this unit was that it provided Mariana with a high level of cultural connection. Through the use of scaffolded notes, bilingual aides, library resources, and websites, Mariana was able to share her learning with the class and create a beautiful artifact that represented the Aztec contributions to architecture.  Way to go Mariana!

Erin Brandon - 7th Grade Core Teacher, Branciforte Middle School

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