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“Your Reflection Shows Who You Are.”
October Anti-Bullying Campaign
Posted on 11/14/2019
*Pictured: Zoe Robinson, Marina Tucker, Ginger Maxfield, Celeste Tunheim, and Josie Mason in front of their art installation titled “Your Reflection ...
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Beach scientists
Student Scientists on Our Sanctuary Shores
Posted on 10/22/2019
Students in Ms. Erin Petersen-Lindberg’s sixth grade science classes and in Ms. Kaitlin Fasse’s Support Classes have a unique field based learning exp...
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Neva and Faith
Reaching All Students at B40!
Posted on 10/22/2019
At Branciforte Middle School we are pioneering Universal Design for Learning (UDL) and have identified early adopter teachers in general and special e...
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love Pic
Love the Skin You're In
Posted on 09/29/2019
In our digital age, girls are confronted daily with media images that can be unrealistic and harmful. This disadvantages girls in the journey to becom...
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Bee Circle
September '19 Parent BeeLine Newsletter
Posted on 09/17/2019
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Gold Ribbon School
B40 School Site Council Needs You!
Posted on 09/10/2019
We’re looking for three or four B40 Parents to serve a two-year term as a member of the School Site Council which meets approximately six times a year...
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Math Camp
Summer Math Camp at B40
Posted on 09/09/2019
This summer students from Branciforte and Mission Hill Middle Schools participated in a fun and inspirational math exploratory Summer Camp. Students e...
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Bee Art Circle
2019 Summer BeeLine Newsletter
Posted on 08/01/2019
Summer, 2019 Dear Parents, Guardians and Students - There is so much to be excited about this upcoming school year and we look forward to meeting ou...
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Branciforte Site Plan Map
Your Measure A Bond Monies at Work
Posted on 07/26/2019
we are excited to see some of our Measure A facility upgrades happening that began this spring and have continued this summer. The following upgrades ...
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About Branciforte Middle School

Welcome to Branciforte Middle School in Santa Cruz, California. We are proud to celebrate Branciforte’s 65th year of student and staff excellence. A comprehensive middle school serving 465 students from diverse cultural and linguistic backgrounds, Branciforte is a learning community that provides an academic and extra curricular program that promotes the success of all students.

Our School Vision
B40 is a creative and stimulating learning community built on a foundation of respect and integrity, where individuals are safe, known well, and cared for, where everyone contributes and values the contributions of others, where everyone learns every day, and where scholarship leads to academic excellence.

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